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Warriors Basketball Story


Cape Cod Warriors AAU Basketball Club is in our 10TH SPRING SEASON. Riding on tremendous success over the past 9 years, CCW has a renewed purpose to provide high level training, clinics, camps, mentorship and continued top AAU tournament competition for the region’s youth, in a growing basketball market. With an emphasis on player development and a highly committed coaching staff, CCW has grown into one of the largest youth basketball programs in New England, having a substantial impact on positive youth development in the Cape & Islands region and beyond. CCW players and teams have enjoyed a high level of success and continue to strive for greatness on and off the court.

CCW will continue to offer youth basketball opportunities during the Spring, Winter & Fall.  During these seasons players will be given the opportunity to learn from an experienced coaching staff through training, clinics, practices and tournaments. Tournaments are played on weekends in specified locations throughout New England and in some cases beyond.

We are 100% Cape Cod staffed. We are 100% for Cape Cod and Southeastern Mass. kids looking to improve their basketball skills and further their careers through and beyond high school.

Mission Statement
The Cape Cod Warriors are committed to excellence as part of a larger commitment to academic achievement and career success. The guiding principle behind the Cape Cod Warriors is our belief that athletic participation allows students to learn, grow, and enjoy themselves; while developing their personal, social, physical, and intellectual skills.

Core Values and Vision
The Cape Cod Warriors value the lessons taught through athletic participation. The pursuit of excellence through personal development and teamwork combined with ethical and responsible behavior, sportsmanship, adherence to the spirit of rules, leadership and strength of character are all important elements. Through these experiences, the Cape Cod Warriors develop habits which will lead students to better and healthier lives. While winning is the common goal, we believe that the continual efforts of our athletes to be their best will lead to greater success throughout their lives.