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Flag Football Story


Cape Cod Youth Flag Football (Formally Barnstable Flag Football) was founded in 2014 by Tim Lus as a much needed sports outlet for our community’s youth.  At a time when youth sports are on the rise, the decision of which sport to enter can be intimidating and difficult to infiltrate for parents and especially young players.

Flag football has become the fastest growing youth sports in the country.  Our league is simply another alternative for those looking for a positive and fun sports activity for kids
Flag Football  is a non-contact version of football where young players can learn and develop passing, catching and defending skills, while greatly decreasing the potential for injury associated with other contact sports.
Flag Football can be played by children of any skill level
We provide a Fun, Safe and Positive sports alternative for our community’s youth and their families.
Or goals are to teach kids the importance of Responsibility, Confidence, Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Community Relationships 
Our goal is NOT to deter any players from playing traditional football. In fact, we encourage playing if it is something that players/parents are considering
Member of NFL Flag.  
Family atmosphere in a positive environment